Matt Watson Constellations 

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Album: Mollusk (CD and as download)

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O R G A N I S M S    'Games Non-People Play' (single)

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(released 7th July)

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Anna Mudeka Band    'DENDENDE'  (album)

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Track Listing:

   1. Dendende

   2. Nhemamusasa

   3. Moyo Wako

   4. Kana Ndazofa

   5. Mai Rabheka

   6. Vande Mataram

   7. Evelina Carlina

   8. Shanje

   9. Denga Tenga

 10. Jambo

 11. Mudzimu Dzoka

 12. One Day

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Album photography Copyright: Richard Shashamane

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Shane O'Linski '5ive more getting closer songs' (EP)

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Track listing...

1.  Are you both mental

2,  I fed on you

3.  Catchy number

4.  Shall I like her

5.  I'm so cool

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Shane O'Linski 'Getting Closer (retainingthesoulbynumbers)' (Album)

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Track listing:

  1.  Cockadoodle Don't (not the one by i. cutler)

  2.  Vixen

  3.  Lousy Losers

  4.  Fast Puppy

  5.  Cocoon

  6.  Livid Heck (Ragged Pink Philanthropist)

  7.  Normal-cum-Odditea

  8.  Robin Goodfellow

  9.  Not a soul around

10.  Hospitalville

11.  Party Hat

12.  Five Bob Dillion and dollar note Bill

13.  Ink and Paper

14.  Verily Vague Prayer

15.  Party Extras

16.  Considered

17.  Eudemonists' Phantasmagorical (When You're Born)  


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Anna Mudeka Band  'DENDENDE' (the single)

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Anna Mudeka Band 'Mauya' EP

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Track Listing:

1, Hupenyu (Life)

2. Zuva (Sunshine)

3. Chidza (Darkness)

4. Diaspora (Migration)

5. Mauya (Welcome)

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Track Listing:

1.  Side of the Angels

2.  Other side of the Angels (John Vigar remix)