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In a world of DIY recording why would any music artist ever consider collaborating with a record producer or record label?  Almost anyone can make a record these days without having to step inside a recording studio. New software technologies have made recording music more easily accessable and affordable. Indeed, DIY could well be a right choice for many artists and after all, it is their music anyway and so why not?

A Tontena Music project works well when there is a joint overall vision of the expected outcome. Usually, a relationship will develop that will bring a unique perspective to assisting the creative process. Producers endeaver to create a musical alchemy which enables the artists to deliver the very best music they are capable of. A common requirement of project collaboration is for both the artist and the producer to have enough musicality to see the “bigger picture” whilst still ensuring the finer detail of capturing a magical performance.


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Tontena Studio is a pleasant, creative and productive environment where singers and songwriters, musicians and small ensembles are able to record and work on mutually agreed projects.
The studio has an extensive range of A-Class and high-end equipment. It also has a fine array of musical instruments which include acoustic pianos, guitars, a full studio drum kit and other percussion instruments. There is also a good range of backline amps and gizmos and a variety of mono/polyphonic keyboards and guitar synths (Moog, Korg and Roland).

Tontena Studio features a Pro Tools 11 Avid HD system and Avid I/O recording platform. Other recording systems include a 32 track digital HD recorder with on-board automation and comprehensive editing suite and analogue Tascam 16 track (1" tape) plus Studer/Revox PR99 (MK111) tape machines. All platforms are routed through a vintage Soundcraft Series 11 40xChannel with midi mixing console. Care has been taken over the studio's selection of classic microphones. Different ambient/frequency controlled recording environments are also featured.