Greetings from the outside ... the new album from Norfolk's singer-songwriter Matt Watson. It will be released February 2019 

Its first single will be out this Friday (28th September) as a download and is called:

'OUTSIDE (they don't know who I am)' 

Click below for immediate free streaming or scroll down to watch the single's Official Video:

'Greetings from the Outside' is our latest Tontena Music project. It has been a collaborative initiative in search of Matt Watson's true musical identity and yet which still reflects the diversity of influences found in his music. “An engaging voice full of passion and a songbook full of affecting and thought-provoking songs ...'  (from a review of an earlier album in R2 Magazine).  A fine and welcome compliment for Matt  ...but we think he brings more than that to this new album. Yes, his lyrics remain evocative, sincere and heartfelt but don't be surprised to also find them uplifting too.

Hear from the man himself: